The 2023 Mahindra Roxor Price Rewiew: Is This A Reasonable Price?

Regarding off-road adventures and rugged terrain, the Mahindra Roxor has been a name that off-road enthusiasts trust. Whether you’re a seasoned off-roader or a novice looking to explore the great outdoors, understanding the Mahindra Roxor’s price is essential. In this comprehensive guide,  Carwakeup‘ll delve into the 2023 Mahindra Roxor price, exploring various factors that influence its cost and helping you make an informed decision for your off-road pursuits.

What Is the Roxor?

What Is the Roxor?
What Is the Roxor?

A small side-by-side 4×4 UTV is called a multi-purpose off-road vehicle and the Mahindra Roxor is one of them. It differs from an ATV in that you can carry people while using it to complete tasks. Many have amenities like winches, light bars, and compact pickup truck beds.

Base and All-Weather trim levels are available for the Mahindra Roxor. For the entry-level version, the Mahindra Roxor Price is $20,599. Starting at $28,739 is the All-Weather version. Be prepared to pay a lot for a UTV because those numbers are for reasonably priced street-legal vehicles.

While the All-Weather has a sealed plastic top, the base trim is entirely open to the outdoors and has a fabric top. The basic structure of Roxor is identical to the pre-FTC intervention design. The Roxor is 60.7 inches wide, 148 inches long, and has a 96-inch wheelbase. The original Willys CJ-2A was 130 inches long, 80 inches wide, and had an 80-inch wheelbase.

2023 Mahindra Roxor Price

2023 Mahindra Roxor Price
2023 Mahindra Roxor Price

The starting point for understanding the price of the Mahindra Roxor is its base price. As of 2023, the base price of the Mahindra Roxor is around $18,890. The 2023 retail Mahindra Roxor Market price is 21,890 USD. This selling price is made up of vehicle parts and other upgraded features that we will analyze in the article below.

Key Factors Affecting 2023 Mahindra Roxor Price

Key Factors Affecting 2023 Mahindra Roxor Price
Key Factors Affecting 2023 Mahindra Roxor Price

Exterior Options

A composite cab cover (standard on All-Weather models) costs $3,524, and a fabric top costs $195. A windshield will add about $1,000 to the bill.

While steel wheels are standard on the Roxor, aluminum wheels can be upgraded for $120. Additionally, you can add a warning winch for $877 and choose any color you like as long as it’s red or black.

Features and Interior Design

The best way to describe Roxor’s cabin is minimalist. It includes a tachometer, a gear shifter, pedals, and some simple switches. The speedometer is not present. The Roxor is equipped with a cup holder, a 12-volt power outlet, and some additional room for accessory switches. The Roxor has rear cargo space and two seats. The cargo section has a bed liner and a 349-pound weight limit.

A roll bar-mountable handle costs $54, and a lid with the Roxor logo costs $32. Although the Roxor lacks temperature control, a defrost can be added for $130.

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A four-cylinder, 2.5-liter turbo-diesel engine powers the Roxor. It has a power output of 62 hp and 144 pound-feet of torque. A five-speed manual gearbox with a two-speed transfer case transmits power to the four-wheel drive system.

It is an optional feature to have a six-speed automatic transmission.

Driving and Off-Road Handling

The Roxor has 9 inches of ground clearance, which can be increased up to 1 foot at the driver’s discretion. Along with hydraulic steering, leaf springs, front drum brakes, and Goodyear Wrangler Runner A/T tires, it also has rear drum brakes.

Upgraded tires, additional underbody protection, high bumpers, 40-inch light bars, and other features are among the alternatives suitable for life on the trail. There is even a modification kit available to provide Roxor rubber tracks like those on a tank. Mahindra Roxor Price of this model is around 20,000 USD, making it an expensive toy.

Increasing Speed and Towing

That power will result in acceleration that is best measured using an hourglass, even with a curb weight of about 3,000 pounds. When will you employ zero-to-sixty statistics on a trail, too?

The Roxor can tow up to 3,490 pounds at 15 mph and has a peak speed of 55 mph. Additionally, it may be “flat-towed,” or pulled behind a large recreational vehicle at 55 mph.

Fuel Economy

The Roxor lacks official fuel efficiency data, which makes sense given that every route is unique. However, according to Roxor, purchasers may receive between 32 and 34 mpg and a range of more than 350 miles.

The 12-gallon fuel capacity of the Roxor may be increased with auxiliary gasoline tanks in the cargo compartment at the back.


The Roxor does not have any driver-aid features. There are no legal requirements for airbags, backup cameras, or any other cutting-edge driver-aid equipment that you may typically find on a new automobile because it is not a road-legal vehicle. Roll-bars, grab grips, and the netting on open-top variants are additional safety measures on the Roxor. Side mirrors are not required.

Competitors in the Market

Typical side-by-side UTVs pose the biggest threat to the Mahindra Roxor Price. These include Yamaha Viking and Polaris General. Polaris General’s starting prices for the two-seat and four-seat models are $18,199 and $25,899, respectively. Starting at $29,999 is the top-of-the-line four-seat Deluxe Ride Command Edition. A smaller Polaris Ranger is also available starting at $10,699.

The two-seat variant of the Yamaha Viking starts at $13,999, while the four-seat model starts at $14,799. Starting at $16,099 is the top-of-the-line Ranch Edition. There are also about a dozen other companies, including Kawasaki and John Deere, that produce side-by-side UTVs.


2023 Mahindra Roxor price is influenced by various factors, including trim level, customization, accessories and financing options. By carefully considering these factors, you can determine the total cost of your Roxor and make an informed decision to embark on exciting off-road adventures. Remember that the Mahindra Roxor price you pay will ultimately depend on your preferences and requirements, so take the time to configure the Roxor perfectly for your needs.

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